Atlanta Bedbug Heater Rentals

Bed Bug Heater System Rentals for Residents & Business Owners

Environmentally Friendly & Non-Toxic Heat Treatments

Killing bedbugs is not an easy task. It can also be quite expensive. Our industry-standard, professional-grade bedbug heater systems allow you to get rid of bedbugs yourself, at an affordable rate.

We are flexible. Our industry standard DIY equipment may be used at various service locations. If bed bugs have hitchhiked their way into your house, apartment, automobile or hotel room, you can be bed bug free within 24 hours with our plug & play bed bug heater system.

Atlanta Bedbug Heater Rentals

Our Process

Our rental process is simple and straight-forward with no hidden fees or costs.

  1. Prior to delivery, we will provide you with written instructional materials. These materials include preparation information, bed bug heater system operation instructions, and tips to assist you in successfully treating the service location.
  2. When we arrive for delivery, we provide a quick tutorial to supplement the written instructional materials received prior to delivery. Payment is due upon delivery. We accept cash and credit/debit cards.
  3. During your delivery, we are available for virtual and/or telephonic consultations if any issues arise.
  4. At the conclusion of your rental, we provide post-treatment instructional materials and pick the bed bug heater system up from the service location.

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Why Choose Us?

  • ✓ When done properly, our heat treatment bed bug systems have a 100% success rate
  • ✓ Our bed bug Heat treatment systems kill all stages of bed bug development – from eggs to adults
  • ✓ Free Delivery/Pickup for service locations within 30 miles of the Atlanta airport. A small fee will be charged for deliveries/pickups beyond 30 miles
  • ✓ Our heat treatment bed bug systems are environmentally friendly. No noxious or toxic chemicals are necessary to achieve success.
  • ✓ Our heat treatment bed bug system rental service is the most inexpensive and effective in Georgia.
  • ✓ We offer 24 hour on-call consultation during your rental. Virtual consultations are available as well. We are invested in your success and are available to assist at every turn.


We Make DIY Easy

Our plug & play bedbug heater systems treat bedbugs, room by room. Each heater treats from 400-650 square feet in approximately 6 hours. For larger rooms or high ceilings, additional time or an additional heater may be needed. At the conclusion of the heat treatment in one room, simply move the heater to another room that you would like to treat.

Need more than one heater? Rent more than one of our plug & play bedbug heater systems at a discounted rate.

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About Atlanta Bedbug Heater Rentals

Our Process

Although bed bug infestations are unrelated to cleanliness, we are discreet.  We have heard the ugly bed bug rumors.  So, your privacy and the eradication of bed bugs are our first priority. Our professionals will deliver the heater system to your service location in an unmarked vehicle. We will teach you how to operate and adjust the heater, and how to check and monitor the temperature setting. A representative will be assigned to your project and will be on-call during business hours to assist you every step of the way during the treatment process. Renting with us provides you with full access to the heater/s for a minimum of 24 hours. A representative will schedule a convenient time for drop-off and pick-up at your residence or business. We do not allow customers to pick-up/drop-off equipment.

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