Bed Bug Heater Systems Atlanta, GA

Bed Bug Heat Treatment to Exterminate Unwanted Pests

Our bed bug heater systems rentals are flat rate - as low as $299*

Bed Bug Heat System

The bed bug heater system includes:

  1. Bed Bug Heater 
  2. Bed bug Heater System specific fans to help with air circulation during the treatment
  3. A temperature gauge to check the service location for cool spots during the heat treatment
  4. Extension cords to assist in powering the bed bug heater treatment system
  5.  110v and 220v electrical outlet cords and adapters to provide flexibility when determining the best way to power the bed bug heater system

*$99 per day for rentals beyond one day. Need more than 1 heater? Add $99 per day for the additional heater.